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Types of Sacramento Workplace Accident Claims

The types of workplace accidents that may occur are virtually endless. In any field or any particular position a person may work, he or she may be at risk of being injured in an accident. This may range from a minor fall all the way to an extremely serious accident involving industrial equipment. At times auto accidents may also be work-related, in situations where an employee is making a delivery or performing some job function that involves driving.

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Being injured at work is unfortunately a common occurrence a number of different fields, not only those that involve physical labor and heavy machinery. At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent people throughout Sacramento who have been injured in workplace accidents of all kinds, including those in construction, manufacturing, transportation and all other fields. We are highly experienced in workers’ compensation law in California and will use our knowledge of this particular field to assist you in resolving your case and seeking the full benefits to which you may be entitled.

Filing a claim for a workplace accident is important. Although your employer is required to provide workers’ compensation benefits for work accidents and injuries, you will need to file your claim and may need to deal with questions, disputes or even the denial of your claim and the need to therefore file an appeal. A Sacramento personal injury attorney at our law firm can help you in any matter related to your claim. We understand the process involved in filing your claim and can assist you with any issue that may arise, working to resolve the matter as swiftly as possible in order to secure your benefits.

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