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Liability in Sacramento Slip and Fall Accident Claims

It will be necessary to determine who should be held liable in order to file a slip and fall accident claim in Sacramento. If your accident occurred at work, your employer should cover your injuries through workers’ compensation benefits. If your accident occurred on someone else’s property, it will be necessary to prove that the property owner, an employee at the property or some other party was responsible for causing the accident. This may be related to negligence or even intentional misconduct in regard to the safety of property grounds and keeping these free from hazardous conditions. Property owner negligence may be related to the following conditions that may cause an unsuspecting pedestrian, customer, visitor or patron to slip and fall or trip and fall:

  • Wet floor or freshly waxed floor
  • Object in a walkway
  • Poorly lit walkway
  • Missing or broken stair
  • Large crack or pothole in the pavement
  • Poorly maintained or placed carpeting, rugs or floor mats
  • Standing water
  • No warning sign regarding potential danger

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Sacramento, CA

Slip and fall accidents may occur virtually anytime, anyplace. You may be walking down the street, shopping at the grocery store, or browsing through a retail store at the mall when suddenly you lose your footing and fall. There are a number of reasons for a slip and fall accident to occur, and when these are related to property or store owner negligence you may have the right to take legal action and recover financial damages for what you have experienced.

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