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What is considered drunk driving?

By definition, drunk driving is defined in California as operating a motor vehicle while with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater, or while one’s abilities are impaired as the result of alcohol or a controlled substance. Referred to as DUI (driving under the influence) in criminal law, drunk driving places thousands of people’s lives at risk every single day. In fact, approximately one-third of fatal auto accidents involve a driver whose blood alcohol concentration was .08% or greater.

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Of all auto accident claims our law firm handles, those involving drunk drivers are often the most frustrating. These accidents can so easily be prevented by a driver simply being more responsible and hiring a taxi or relying on a designated driver rather than taking to the road after “a few drinks.” When a drunk driver takes to the road, he or she places everyone in the area at risk of  serious injury and may cause a trucking accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident or any other type of motor vehicle accident. This may lead to catastrophic injuries or even the wrongful death of one or more parties involved.

At Pacific Attorney Group, we believe in holding drunk drivers responsible for their conduct. Although a person who was driving under the influence and caused an auto or motorcycle DUI accident will likely face criminal charges, we can take action in civil court to ensure the victim has the opportunity to recover financial damages that may make a positive difference in his or her ability to pay for medical care, continued treatment and the many other losses or injuries caused by the drunk driving accident.

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