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In today’s society there are literally hundreds of different types of prescription drugs that are on the market. While some can be life saving, the majority have such high levels of serious side effects that using them becomes a greater risk than the condition they are meant to treat. Many recent drugs have been found to be defective and dangerous, causing more harm and actually bringing on other more serious conditions. 

Such drugs as Zyprexa, which was meant to treat depression or bipolar disorder was found to be causing diabetes in many patients and also led to serious side effects such as pancreatitis, tumors and even death. Yaz, a contraceptive has caused heart attacks, blood clots and kidney failure. If you or a loved one has become seriously ill as the result of taking a prescribed medication contact a Sacramento personal injury attorney to find out about your legal options. No one should have to suffer such serious side effects for a drug that was touted as safe to use yet has harmed millions of users.

Defective Drugs: Profits Over Safety

It has been shown that many drug companies have falsified reports showing the safety of their drugs or knew about the dangerous side effects but failed to warn the public. We at Pacific Attorney Group believe that the drug companies that produced these defective drugs must be held accountable for their negligence. It takes an experienced and highly skilled legal firm with the necessary resources to pursue a claim against these large corporations.  Our firm has helped many in this regard, using medical experts and other witnesses as needed to fight for your right to compensation for the harm done to you.

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