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Nothing can be more emotionally and physically traumatic then suffering an injury that results in paralysis. This type of an injury can affect the rest of your life, leaving you immobile and likely needing constant medical care.  This type of injury can result from serious car accidents, work related accidents, falls or even medical malpractice. If you or a loved one has suffered a paralysis injury, contact a Sacramento personal injury attorney for the legal assistance you will need to pursue the negligent party that left you with this devastating injury.

Consequences of Paralysis

Paralysis can result from spinal cord injuries or severe injuries to the legs. Any trauma to those areas will affect the motor controls and leave one unable to control those portions of the body. Normally this type of injury requires immediate and extensive medical treatment, possibly surgeries as well. The financial costs can be staggering, as a long recovery period is very likely. Paralysis generally requires a person remain in a wheelchair if the injury is a permanent one, often requiring a caretaker for the injured person. The ability to continue employment because extremely difficult, as most paralyzed individuals are never able to drive again. With your life altered completely, the pain and suffering can be great.

The Pacific Attorney Group fights for the victims of severe injuries by aggressively pursuing those who were responsible for your injuries. Your situation will require compensation for extensive medical costs, lost current and future wages, in addition to the pain and suffering you must endure as your life changes forever. Our legal team’s goal is to maximize the potential settlement you may be entitled to through a thorough investigation into what led to your injuries and an aggressive approach to negotiation or trial when pursuing your rights to recovery.

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