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After involvement in an auto accident such as a rollover or
T-bone accident, many people are not sure exactly where to turn or if they will actually benefit from the services of an attorney. At Accident Lawyers, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your Sacramento auto accident with you, enabling you to get valuable information about your legal rights in this matter and exactly how our firm can help you. You can then make your own choice about your claim and whether to retain the services of a personal injury attorney at our offices. All you have to do is call us at 800-670-8142 to schedule your initial consultation. We take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Insurance Claims vs. Lawsuits

The first step to take after an auto accident, when you work with a Sacramento auto accident lawyer at our offices, will be to file an insurance claim to seek the financial damages you need for medical bills, damage to your vehicle and possibly more. We will always strive to handle your case without going to court, as this is often a longer route of securing financial damages. However, if the insurance company simply will not cooperate and offer a settlement that is fair, we may take your case to civil court to seek a judge’s verdict in your favor.

In handling any insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit for a client who has been injured in a Sacramento auto accident, it will be our primary goal to secure the highest amount of financial compensation possible. We want to help you not only by recovering money for medical bills and to rebuild your car but also to begin turning your life around. No matter the cause of the car accident – no matter if it was a
drunk driver,
distracted driver or something dealing with a
defective auto product – you can trust in our ability to help you protect and defend your best interests.

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